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Debunking the Climate Scam

Billions of Dollars -  Fudged Data  -  Corrupt Scientists

Greedy Green Corporations - Trillion Dollar Prize

No Warming For Two decades - Illiterate Media

Bought and Paid For Organizations

5000 Years Of Climate Change From Greenland Ice Cores

Some Interesting Links

Junk Science


Climate Depot

Climate Audit

Climate Science


Surface Stations


Joanne Nova

Climate Clash

Roy Spencer

science and public policy

CO2 Skeptic




Global Climate Change Facts


Sea Ice





Climate Cooling

Cascade Snow

Cru Data

Real Climate (alarmist)

Climate Project (alarmist)

Some Interesting Articles

James Hansen's Supervisor's Emails on Hansens and his work

The Amazing Story Behind the Global Warming Scam

Global Cooling?  By John Collins, Lowell Sun-Times

A Cooling Ardour

Global Warming Is Not Happening

CO2, Temperatures and Ice Ages

“..the politically desired position becomes a goal rather than a consequence of scientific research”

New Study Doesn’t Support Climate Models (But You’ll Never Hear About It)

Big Chills for Global-warming Alarmism

31,072 PhD signers of the Petition Project

2008 was the year man-made global warming was disproved

Where is the Evidence for Dangerous Human-Caused Global Warming?

CNN’s Dobbs on Global Warming Hysteria: ‘It’s Almost a Religion without Any Question’

Old Radar Sites In Greenland Show Icecap Growth Over the Years

Global Warming: The New Eugenics

Economic Bloodletting: Proposed Energy and Environmental Policies are Akin to 18th Century Medicine

******CO2 emissions track temperature*****---------Qualitative Thoughts on CO2

No Evidence to Support Carbon Dioxide Causing Global Warming!

On the Coherence Between Dynamics of the World Fuel Comsumption and Global Temperature Anomaly

Sun’s Magnetic Field May Impact Weather And Climate: Sun Cycle Can Predict Rainfall Fluctuations

Can’t See the Signal For the Trees - Mann’s New Hockey Stick Shot Down

Wind Power Exposed: The Renewable Energy Source is Expensive, Unreliable and Won’t Save Natural Gas

Coastal Military Facilities are Threatened by Rising Sea Levels, Really?

Global Warming --A Political Context

Under the Bottom Line: UK MET Office Report Card at the 2/3 Mark

London has first October snow in over 70 years

Snow and freezing weather threaten to shut down Britain

$500,000 prize for proof of man caused global warming: Ultimate Global Warming Challenge. (No entries will be accepted after December 1, 2008.)

Read the entries on the above contest

List of quality articles about the solar connection: http://www.co2science.org/subject/s/summaries/solarirradiance.php

New Jungles Prompt a Debate on Rain Forests

Forcing international agendas through local mayors

Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action

United Nations Document Center


UK climate targets impossible without individual carbon budgets

Save The Children (From Global Warming Propaganda)

Not All "Green" Jobs Pay Well

UK climate targets impossible without individual carbon budgets

Cut Oregon emissions, but with care



More Than 650 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims - Scientists Continue to Debunk “Consensus” in 2008 - Released: December 11, 2008

Satellite Data Show No Warming Before 1997. Changes Since Not Related to CO2

Ike’s second warning, hint: it is not the “military-industrial complex”

Bob Carter: http://members.iinet.net.au/~glrmc/new_page_1.htm

Oceans are cooling according to NASA



Extremely Comprehensive Data Source  Very Good!

Excellent 16 page booklet: The Skeptic’s Handbook


Data Sources

Another Very Good Site

Very Good List::  Key Links in the Global Warming Debate