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Debunking the Climate Scam

Billions of Dollars -  Fudged Data  -  Corrupt Scientists

Greedy Green Corporations - Trillion Dollar Prize

No Warming For Two decades - Illiterate Media

Bought and Paid For Organizations

5000 Years Of Climate Change From Greenland Ice Cores

How to Argue With a True Believer


Why it is Wrong

Our Climate is hotter than ever in history

The Roman times, Egyptian times and Medival times were warmer

The glaciers are melting

Most melting occurred in the 1930s, very little is occurring now

Greenland is about to fall into the sea

Greenland has been  cooling for decades

The rising oceans are about to flood New York

The oceans are not rising faster than in history. Al Gore exaggerated

Hurricanes are Increasing

Hurricanes have getting less frequent

The science is settled

This is a lie spread to avoid facing the weakness of the warmers case

CO2 is causing run away warming

There is little evidence of this & lots of contrary evidence

CO2 is the major greenhouse gas

NO, water vapor has two to three times the effect

Man’s CO2 is building up in the atmosphere

Man’s emission is tiny fraction of all CO2 emission

The Earth’s temperature is rapidly increasing

This is the famous, debunked,  “hockey stick” chart

The last few years have been the warmest in history

Actually, we can only guess because of bad data

All scientists agree

Actually, they don’t. 650 recently “came out”

There are few published papers opposing warming

This claim is based on an erronious paper

The North West snow pack is disappearing fast

It is cyclical: increased to 1950, decreased, now its increasing

The Government muzzled James Hansen

Here is the truth, from his “supervisor” at NASA

Dissenting scientists are oil company shills

The alarmists are the ones raking in the money

The IPCC reports are by thousands of scientists

Actually most are bureaucrats

The facts are in - it is time for action

Actually, there is no rational proof

The sun has been discounted as a cause of warming

The IPCC is ignoring a whole field of science

Why do we constantly hear about run away warming

They believe it is OK to lie - here are their own words

An Inconvenient Truth was accurate

A British court ruled that it contianed NINE provable errors

Even Al Gore’s Mentor had reservations

An Inconvenient Truth told us the whole story

Much Better video:   The Great Global Warming Swindle

Here are some facts the destroy the claim that the Earth is dangerously warming. But be aware that you will be arguing religion as much as science. You are also arguing against big money interests.

Also see; The Skeptic’s Handbook & CFACT CLIMATE TRUTH FILE: 2014

Here  are all of the major temperature data sources