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Debunking the Climate Scam

Billions of Dollars -  Fudged Data  -  Corrupt Scientists

Greedy Green Corporations - Trillion Dollar Prize

No Warming For Two decades - Illiterate Media

Bought and Paid For Organizations

5000 Years Of Climate Change From Greenland Ice Cores

CO2 Facts

Non-controversial CO2 Facts

CO2 is about 0.04% of the atmosphere which is 78% Nitrogen; 21% Oxygen; 0.9% Argon; 0.0018% Neon

Man emits about 6% of the annual CO2 emissions, nature emits the rest. more

CO2’s warming effect is logarithmic so more CO2 has less effect (like second and third coats of paint)

Water vapor causes most of the greenhouse effect at 36-70%; CO2 9-26%; methane, 4–9%; ozone, 3–7%


Contested CO2 Facts

Historic CO2 levels.

    Earlier Instrumental History of CO2

    Plant stomatra show higher historic levels of CO2

    More plant stomatra

    Resolution and Hockey Sticks, Part Deux: Carbon Dioxide



Does CO2 lead or lag temperature?   (a cause MUST occur before its effect)

    CO2 & Climate

    The 800 year CO2 lag - graphed

    Peer Reviewed Papers Show CO2 FOLLOWS Temperature

     CO2 lags temperature

    Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Variation

    Warming Power of CO2 and H2O: Correlations with Temperature Changes

     Ice Core Studies Prove CO2 Is Not the Powerful Climate Driver

What are natural sources of CO2 and do we know all of them? How accurately?

    NASA Carbon sources chart

    Most Carbon  is NOT from Man’s activities.

    Man’s contribution to CO2 concentration is 4.3%.  

Is the cause of CO2 increase - natural or man made?

    Roy Spencer on how Oceans are Driving CO2.       

    Global Warming Causing Carbon Dioxide Increases: A Simple Model.      

    Increasing Atmospheric CO2: Manmade…or Natural?.   

    Attributing temperature changes to CO2 emissions

    Compelling Evidence That CO2 Did Not Cause Rapid Warming.

    Spencer Part2: More CO2 Peculiarities – The C13/C12 Isotope Ratio


CO2 correlations + How much of the total temperature increase is due to man’s CO2?

    85% of Time CO2 does not Correlate with Temperature!

    Air Temperature vs. Human CO2 emissions.

    PDO And Solar Correlate Better Than CO2  (source paper)     

    Two Papers - ½ of  Warming is NOT REAL

     The Real Cause of Climate Change.

    Solar Cycles Provide An Excellent Fit To Clouds

    Cosmic Rays

    A Simple Model of the Atmospheric CO2 Budget  And    

    60 years of CO2 emissions didn’t increase rate of Arctic warming

    64 years of CO2 emissions made no difference in warming rate

    Does co2 drive the earths climate system - comments on the latest nasa giss paper

    The Impact of CO2, H2O and Other “Greenhouse Gases” on Equilibrium Earth Temperatures

    Journal:The Impact of CO2, H2O and Other “Greenhouse Gases” on Equilibrium Earth Temperatures